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Christian Elect World Out-reach

Solution Ground

MINISTERS OF MIRACLES MINISTERS OF MIRACLES Rev Thompson is the principal of Minister of Miracles Intl School of ministry and founders of Ministers Of Miracle Network Fellowship UK. 2008 international School Of Ministry 81923510 Spiritual Warfare against principalities holding A.J City captive Ajegunle from top of a high building 81674428 Ware Fare Prayers 81674429 Ware Fare Prayers 81674434 81674435 Ware Fare Prayers 81676998 Ware Fare Prayers with Minister of Miracle 81677000 Rev Tom @ Dominion 81941403 Rev Tom ministering at Dominion Church Babani Ajengunle Lagos 81855458 Rev Tom @ Dominion Church Lagos 81855459 Rev Tom Miniistring at promise land ministries Surulere Lagos 81731838 promise land ministries Surulere Lagos 81731839 Rev Tom Miniistring at promise land ministries Surulere Lagos 81731840 Rev Tom & pastor Seyi Pastor sayi Head Pastor ,Promise land ministries Surulere Lagos 82151582 Rev Tom ministering at Goodsheaphard Church Aga housa Ajengunle Lagos 81855455 Rev Thomas Thopmson with Bishop Dickson Imogu Bishop Dickson : Sn pastor Good shephad Church 81923512 Papa Tom Naming and conducting dedicating service 81923508 Apostle Clem and Grace Ogoro 81923511 Tom and Clem having lunch at Macdons in Ajegunle 81941400 Rev Dr luke,Pastor Alegbe having Lunch with Rev Tom 81941401 Rev Clem and Rev Tom with the head Pastor of GPA .Rev Dr Luke Adanebe 81990334 Gheto live 81941402 2008 Intl school of ministries Tom Teaching Church Leaders Principle of Evangelism @ Christian Elect centre Ajegunle Lagos Nigeria 81990336 Church Leaders in Praise and worship section 81990337 Papa Tom 82061242 82061243 Tom residence [email protected] Christian Elect Centre Ajegunle 82092368 Tom with pastor Paris @ Okota Lagos 82142718 82142719 82142720 82151585 Rev Tom @ Pastor Grace Ogoro Rev Tom preparing Dinner in Ajegunle 82346987 Rev Tom preparing Dinner in Ajegunle 82346988